3 How to lớn convert PDF to Word quickly & accurately. Instructions for converting the best PSF khổng lồ Word, keeping the format & formula unchanged, without any phông errors.

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PDF files are widely chosen by the compact, easy to store, chia sẻ, tư vấn multiple platforms and good security. Although there are many such advantages, but when talking about editing or editing documents, PDF is not a good choice. That"s why we need lớn convert the PDF tệp tin inkhổng lồ a Doc to edit and edit it in Word. Of course, to lớn be able khổng lồ convert text formats, we will need support tools and in this article, Thuthuatphanmem.vn will introduce khổng lồ you 3 ways to lớn convert PDF file formats lớn Word quickly & accurately. . Please follow along.

1. Use the online PDF2DOC converter

Use online tools suitable for computers with Internet connection and can convert anytime, anywhere without installing additional software on the computer.

Step 1 : You access the following link khổng lồ use the tool PDF2DOC

Link: http://pdf2doc.com/en/

At the interface of the website you can see this tool has quite a lot of functions, here we will select PDF khổng lồ Doc và cliông xã the UPLOAD FILES button . Then you select the PDF tệp tin in your computer, you can hold Ctrl to select multiple files at once.


Step 2 : The PDF tệp tin will be uploaded và automatically converted to lớn DOC, your job is just waiting for the conversion process to lớn complete & clicking the Download button is done.


2. Use the online converter SmallPDF

Smallpdf is also an online PDF converter like the trang web above sầu, but Smallpdf has many other useful functions for you khổng lồ edit PDF files.

You can visit https://smallpdf.com/en to lớn use the functions of Smallpdf


To convert a PDF tệp tin khổng lồ a Doc file, select the PDF to Word function and then click Select file khổng lồ download the tệp tin from your computer to the website.


The Upload & conversion process will automatically take place, you wait a while và then click Download the file khổng lồ save sầu lớn your computer & use.

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3. Use conversion software Solid Converter

Solid Converter is a specialized software to lớn convert PDF format lớn other text formats such as word, excel, powerpoint, HTML, image, text.vv. The advantage of this software is that the file quality after conversion is very good & there are less cases of font errors after conversion. However, this is a paid software and you can try it for 30 days.

You can tải về the software at the following link: http://www.soliddocuments.com/pdf/-to-word-free-download/306/1

You download the normal installation & run the application, at the boot interface of the application you choose Convert PDF File . Then browse the file window so you should select the PDF tệp tin lớn be converted and Open .


After opening the PDF tệp tin, click on the arrow ibé above and select the type of format you want to lớn convert, here we will choose PDF lớn Word .


After you cliông xã the PDF to lớn Word button, a new window will appear, select where to lớn save the word file, give sầu the tệp tin a name and clichồng Save .


It will take a few minutes for the conversion to take place, and we will get the following result:


In addition to lớn the Solid Converter software, you can use a completely không lấy phí PDF to Word converter called Free PDF To Word Converter , the advantage of this software is its small form size, no installation required. About decompression is always usable. The interface is quite simple and easy khổng lồ use, you can download the application at the following link:


After downloading you extract, then double cliông chồng on the pdf2word tệp tin lớn run the application without installation. And here is the interface of the software:


Cliông xã Add PDF File to select the PDF tệp tin lớn convert, you can select multiple files at once.

After selecting the file, you will see the PDF file appear on the các mục, you can choose the number of pages you want khổng lồ convert in Page Range. Finally, cliông xã Convert PDF lớn Word for Free khổng lồ start converting. If a message appears, cliông xã OK.


After converting, the software will automatically open the folder containing the Doc tệp tin so that you bởi not have lớn search for the file:


Above Thuthuatphanmem.vn introduced to you 3 ways khổng lồ convert PDF files to Word in the fasdemo and most standard way. Hope the article will be helpful to lớn you, wish you success.