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Here we are discussing Hik connect for PC. Hikvision is a king in the CCTV camera industry và they have lots of users worldwide. Hik connect is the điện thoại application of the Hikvision and it only runs in the thiết bị di động và tablet devices. So what about the máy vi tính & computers. Hikvision allows its users to install different software for the desktop user. So here we are telling how lớn use hik connect for PC.

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Hik-Connect For PC Download Free


Login to HikConnect for PC

Here you need lớn select some security questions and answer them according khổng lồ your desire. This security Q & A will help you when you thua your software’s password. After answers clichồng on the Login button & the control panel of the software comes to you. Now move sầu lớn the next step.

3. Step # Adding the CCTV device inkhổng lồ the Hik connect for Windows

After login lớn the software, you need to add the CCTV device inkhổng lồ the Hik connect of PC for monitoring the device. For doing this move sầu lớn the control panel of the software và then cliông chồng on the “Device Management”.

After clicking on the Device management the new will comes where you can add your device for watching its cameras on your PC.

Now clichồng on the “+Add” button present on your left upper corner then the new screen slides from the right. Here you will some adding methods are given. For Hik connect you need lớn choose the “cloud P2P“. After clicking on that screen will ask you for the region. Select your region and then cliông chồng on the “Login” button.

Here you can log in from your current Hik connect trương mục. Put your username và the password of your existing Hik connect account & then cliông chồng on the “Login” button. If you do not have an existing Hik connect trương mục then you also create the new one by cliông xã on the “Register” button.

Here you need khổng lồ put a new username, password then email address or phone number. After that cliông chồng on the Sover Message button. then a code goes to your tin nhắn or sản phẩm điện thoại. Put that code then cliông chồng on the Register button then your new trương mục is ready. Now add your device into lớn the trương mục và then login with your new tài khoản.

Now your CCTV cameras will be added on your Hik connect for PC. The device detail comes as shown in the picture below.

Now your device is ready for monitoring on your PC. Just move sầu lớn the next step for monitoring your CCTV cameras on your PC.

4. Step # Monitoring the cameras on the Hik connect for PC

Now move sầu the main control panel and then click on the “Live sầu Preview“.

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Now you can see your device name on the left side thực đơn. Double cliông chồng on the device name and your CCTV cameras will connect and then you can monitor your CCTV cameras on your PC by using the Hik connect for PC.

2. Method # Using the Emulator for Hik connect for PC.

If you vì not want lớn use the software given by the Hikvision you may also run the Hik connect App using an android emulator. By using this kind of emulator you are able to run all your mobile App lượt thích Whatsapp, facebook etc on your PC or máy tính xách tay.

If you want to know how to download Hik-Connect on PC and Mac the best application is by using a thirty tiệc nhỏ emulator such as AndyOS it is a không tính tiền Android emulator which offer you to run any thiết bị di động app or tool on your computer.you have just download AndyOS, install & open the software and search for “Hik-Connect. You may also use Bluestack instead of this. To bởi this follow the steps

Install it on your PC.mở cửa the bluestachồng software.Find the play store icon.log in the play store.tìm kiếm for the Hik-connect.Install it.Now configure the hik-connectAll done… this is the easiest way to lớn have hik-connect for PC.

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Q: How vày I watch HIK connect on my PC?

A: For the watch, Hik connect on your PC you need to lớn tải về the software provided by the company itself and people know it as Hik connect for PC. Install this software & then you can see the Hik Connect app on your PC.

Q: Can I use HIK connect on PC?

A: Yes, You can use Hik connect on PC. To vì chưng this you need lớn tải về the software given above & apply the whole process as given above.

Q: Is HIK connect free?

A: Yes, Hik connect is a free application & available for both kinds of users means for PC users as well as mobile users.

Get Hik-connect for sản phẩm điện thoại device

Hik-Connect for Android

Hik-Connect for iOS

So this is all about “Hik-connect for PC“. We hope this information is helpful to lớn yours. If you have sầu any queries or suggestion please write khổng lồ us in the comment box below.