Kaspersky 2017 products — Kaspersky Internet Security 2017, Kaspersky Total Security 2017 and Kasperksy Antivirut 2016— have been released và available for purchase or không tính phí for testing in the khung of trial version, for 30 days. Existing Kaspersky năm 2016 users can tăng cấp lớn this version for free. 2017 products of kaspersky, compatible with Windows 10, ensures privacy và security with the addition of new Software updater, Software Cleaner và Secure Connection (VPN) & besides these other components and features have sầu been improved.

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Kasperksy Internet Security 2017 trial

What’s new in Kaspesky 2017

1. Tutorials for the main application components available in the main window have sầu been added.

2. Software Updater functionality has been added. Using this component, you can manage updates for applications that are installed on your computer. For example, you can automatically install only important updates or all updates.

3. Kaspersky Secure Connection has been added. This application protects your data on public Wi-Fi networks and provides anonymity on the Internet.

4. Software Cleaner functionality has been added. Using this component, you can remove applications from your computer, such as rarely used applications or applications that were installed without your consent.

5. Wi-Fi network connection notifications have been improved. Wi-Fi network categorization issues have sầu been fixed.

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6. Anti-Banner component operation mode has been improved.

7. Private Browsing functionality has been improved. Operation of the Kaspersky Protection extension has been improved.

8. Safe Money functionality has been improved. An option lớn skết thúc feedbaông chồng has been added.

9. Application upgrade in the background mode has been improved. You no longer have to lớn accept the terms of the End User License Agreement again during the tăng cấp unless those terms have sầu been changed.

10. Mail Anti-Virus has been improved. The default level of heuristic analysis has been increased lớn medium.

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 offline installer 


Kaspersky Total Security 2017 offline installer 


Kasperksy Antivirut 2017 offline installer 


You can download kasperksy 2017 sản phẩm 30-day trial versions from here 

Kaspersky products lathử nghiệm version online installer liên kết page.

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