Tải phần mềm firefox mới nhất

Version: 72.0.2
Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
License: Free
Developer Name: Mozilla
Total Downloads: 1,617,335
Category: Web Browser
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How khổng lồ Download Mozilla Firefox

Cliông xã on the DOWNLOAD button to visit the official Mozilla Firefox download page.Cliông xã the DOWNLOAD NOW button lớn download an official version of Firefox.

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The tệp tin will tải về, cliông xã on it and it will begin the installation process.If you had Firefox on your computer in the past, you’ll have sầu the option to lớn keep your old settings or go back khổng lồ the mặc định. If you want to lớn restore your settings uncheck the box. Then cliông xã RE-INSTALL.
When the installation is complete Firefox will open & ask if you want to lớn make it your mặc định browser. If you don’t want khổng lồ change your default browser unkiểm tra “Always perkhung this check when starting Firefox” and cliông chồng NOT NOW.

How khổng lồ Uninstall Firefox

If you decide that Firefox isn’t for you, uninstall it in minutes by following these simple steps.

Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows tìm kiếm bar & open the System Setting.
Find Mozilla Firefox and cliông xã uninstall. There should be two Mozilla programs listed, they will both be removed.

Mozilla Firefox Overview

Firefox is an open-source, privacy-conscious, lightweight, fast browser. It has everything you want or need from a browser, such as bookmarks, tabbed pages, a URL & a search bar. There are a lot of customization options, add-ons, và a very active user forum where you can have any questions answered.

Firefox Features

Fast and lightweight: The lademo version of Firefox is faster than ever.Sync your browser: Create an tài khoản và sync your Firefox data across multiple platforms. If you’re logged in from both phone & computer, you can skết thúc tabs lớn open in the other device.Save passwords: Never remember a password or purchase a password manager again — Firefox can securely store all your passwords. More on this in the Security Feature section below.Pocket: This is a handy add-on that was created by Mozilla. You can easily save sầu an article lớn read later. Pocket will add an estimated “time-to-read” to each article, & you can add tags, to lớn help you remember why you saved the article when you have the time lớn read it.

Send: This feature makes it easy to lớn giới thiệu files, up to 2.5GB. Firefox will create a temporary link, that will expire after a predetermined number of downloads, or days (up to 7 days) expire. You can access this feature by clicking on the protệp tin avatar, và choose the FIREFOX SEND or go to lớn skết thúc.firefox.com và drag và drop the tệp tin. Then simply skết thúc out the liên kết.

Screenshot: This is perhaps one of the most underrated features on Firefox. Right-clichồng your mouse and the TAKE SCREENSHOT option will appear on the thực đơn. The screenshot tool can recognize different elements on the page, making it easy to lớn capture specific images or text, or you can select the area you want lớn screenshot. The final feature, which I love sầu, is the option khổng lồ take a screenshot of the entire page, not just the visible area.

Built-in PDF reader: The built-in PDF reader can open, print, organize, zoom in, rotate PDF documents.

These are just a few of the features that you’ll find with Firefox.

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Security Features

Built-in pop-up blocker: Avoid annoying pop-ups and the need khổng lồ download buggy or costly pop-up blockers.Blocks malicious websites: Firefox will prsự kiện malicious websites from opening up and potentially harming your computer và security. It also gives you a warning when visiting an unsecured HTTP.. website.Monitor: Firefox will scan all data breaches, dating baông xã lớn 2007 to lớn see if your Email address has been part of a haông chồng or breach. Monitor will then update you as lớn what data was exposed in the breach và give sầu tips for how lớn proceed, & what to do khổng lồ protect yourself in the future.Lockwise Password: Password managers can be very costly, but with Firefox you can get the Lockwise password manager for free. Download the di động tiện ích và secure it with TouchID or FaceID protection. The passwords are protected with a 256-bit encryption khổng lồ make sure that no one but you can access them.Frequent updates: Firefox is constantly updating its browser, quickly patching any security flaws or hacks that are discovered.

User Privacy

Tracking Protection: When you see the shield ibé on the address bar, you’ll know that Firefox is blocking trackers & other harmful content. You can click on it for more information or manage the protection settings.


Doesn’t rely on Google’s Chromium: Firefox is the only cross-platkhung browser that doesn’t use the Google-powered open-source Chromium platform. Instead, it uses the open-source Mozilla platkhung called Gecko.Data collection policy: Mozilla states that they don’t collect user data unless you specifically sign up with the Firefox Pioneer tool that will give sầu the company insights as to lớn how users are browsing. They vì collect a limited phối of data, which is needed to improve tools & overall user experience, but even this data is not tied back to you in any way. The data is connected with a random identifier & not your user account.


Alternatives to Firefox

Opera: While Opera isn’t as popular as Firefox and Chrome it does have some features that you won’t find in any other browser, most notably, a built-in VPN. While it won’t get you access khổng lồ out-of-market Netflix shows, it will encrypt your data và keep you anonymous while browsing. It also has a nice interface with visual tabs that have sầu thumbnails of the page, fast browsing, và tons of extensions that can be added.Brave: The secure browser is fast và không lấy phí & comes with a built-in ad và tracking blockers. By blocking ads, Brave can load pages faster than the competition. From a privacy perspective, Brave sầu has TOR access in a tab. This will hide your true location, encrypt your data, and hide all your online activities.


?Is Firefox Safe?Yes, Firefox is 100% virus-free. I tested the file in VirusTotal và it was clean.

?Does Firefox have Incognikhổng lồ Mode?Although Firefox Private Browsing doesn’t store any tìm kiếm history or cookies, it doesn’t make you anonymous online or hide your true location. For those security features, you will need a VPN.

?Can I change the default search engine in Firefox?Clichồng on the thực đơn in the top-right corner of the page and cliông chồng Options. Clichồng on the Search tab on the right sidebar. Here you’ll be able to lớn choose from Google, Bing, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, & Wikipedia. You can also add more options by clicking on the “Find more search engines” link

?Who owns Firefox?Firefox is owned by the Mozilla (Moz://a) Foundation, a registered non-profit organization.

? Does Firefox sell data to lớn third-các buổi party advertisers?Firefox clearly states in its privacy policy that they don’t store, sell, or buy user data.

?What to vày if Firefox keeps crashing?If you’re running an older version of Firefox you should update it lớn the lademo version. This will patch any known errors that could be causing the crash. If you’re using an updated version of Firefox, you might have a vi khuẩn or malware that is causing the crash, so you should run your antivirus software.