I installed Windows 10 on a physically German keyboard, then installed a Window English software keyboard và bought some little stickers khổng lồ make my keyboard look OK.

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However, Windows shows 2 keyboards installed & occasionally toggles baông xã to lớn German.

lưu ý that I am not talking about removing a language (which is all that I can find when I Google).

How vị I remove the German keyboard layout?



To remove sầu a keyboard under Windows 10 is done this way :

Method 1 : Settings

Select the Start buttonGo to lớn Settings > Time và Language > Region & languageClick OptionsUnder Keyboards click your keyboard

Method 2 : Preloaded

Use regedit khổng lồ navigate to lớn following registry keys, whereyou will find there the các mục of keyboards that are preloaded at boot.

HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTKeyboard LayoutPreloadHKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutPreloadHKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelInternationalUser ProfileHKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelInternationalUser Protệp tin System Backup

Delete the key.

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Edit: This section of the control panel has been removed from newer versions of Windows 10. You need to lớn use the settings app instead.

xuất hiện Control Panel, under the Clochồng, Language and Region heading clichồng Change input methods, you should see your language, cliông chồng on Options, in the Input method section you should see two entries, remove sầu one.


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Peter HahndorfPeter Hahndorf
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I finally managed to solve this. Go to Settings, Time&Language, Region&Language:


I had German (Deutsch) as the default language, with English US as display language. Then: - Cliông xã on English & select Options- Add a Keyboard in your preferred layout (Swedish, German, whaterver)- Then remove sầu the US Keyboard Layout for english language

The language selector (win+space) now shows like: English US - German LayoutGerman - German Layout

It"s not a 100% solution but at least it will fix random keyboard layout swaps.

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answered Aug 2 "17 at 9:20

Johannes RudolphJohannes Rudolph
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In Windows 10, on the Control Panel, I chose "Languages". There was a rectangle labelled English và next to it was some text saying "keyboard layout: English, German".

I clicked on that box và then there was an option khổng lồ remove sầu each keyboard.

I have sầu searched through every possible selection under Language và Region và this is the only way that I found to remove keyboard.

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1. first thing lớn check:

open settings -> language settings -> Administrative sầu language setting -> welcome screen và new user accounts -> copy settings.

make sure non of the settings is phối khổng lồ the undesired language.

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thanks it"s 42

2. another reason why display languages keep adding themselves lớn keyboard layout lists:

1) press winkey+R

2) enter lpksetup and press enter

3) choose "uninstall display languages"

4) choose the language you want khổng lồ remove and clichồng "next"

5) restart your computer

answer taken from this thread

3. When the two solutions above don"t help

open registry editor (WinKey + r -> regedit), edit Languages under ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternationalUser Profile to lớn danh mục desired keyboard layouts & restart computer.

4. This is a really dangerous option, use it only as last resort

Go to lớn C:Windows, look for a folder named as the layout you want to remove (en-GB in my case) và remove it / change it"s name.

restart your computer

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Ohad CohenOhad Cohen
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Jubei"s comment as an answer.

Due khổng lồ a bug in Windows, the keyboard layout might not appear in the languages menu in the Settings tiện ích.

To remove sầu it, you need to add that language & that keyboard layout lớn the Settings ứng dụng yourself, then immediately remove sầu them, as described in https://uchopia.xyz/a/1025157/338981.

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answered Jul 17 "20 at 4:55
Petr HudečekPetr Hudeček
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I don"t know why but I don"t have any of the above options in the Control panel.

I have sầu Clochồng & Region (no Language mentioned) và inside cannot mix the language.

If I cliông xã the ENG on the language bar in the tray I finally get: Language Preferences. Choosing that, takes me to the Languages control panel.

I cannot delete the UK keyboard (I have Israel and the US keyboard set, & Hebrew as a second language). Standing on the UK keyboard the Remove button is disabled.

Deleting the UK key (809) from the registry ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternationalUser ProfileLanguages should bởi vì the trichồng (in older versions it was a different key with a dword for each language: 409 was English US, 40d is Hebrew, 809 is UK) Thanks Ohad!!!!

I had to go under the Region and Languages Settings panel, Advanced Keyboard Settings, & Override for mặc định input đầu vào method.

Changed from Use Language List (recommended) khổng lồ Hebrew

Rebooted and all"s ok now.

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This solution worked for me: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start/cant-remove-a-keyboard-layout-in-windows-10/058acf33-16d9-47f4-a24b-245b8823d90e?auth=1

In summary:

xuất hiện registry Editor (Win+R -> regedit) as Administrator.

Navigate lớn ComputerHKEY_USERS.DEFAULTKeyboard LayoutPreload

To prevent these from re-appearing:

Right-cliông xã on the "Preload" branch & choose "Permissions".

Click on "Advanced".

Cliông chồng on "Disable Inheritance" and confirm disabling. Then cliông chồng "Apply" button.

In "Group or user names" in the Security tab, if the user names disappeared, add baông xã yourself và the administrators. Make sure that "Permissions for system does not have write access.

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